Using Store Intelligence to Manage Safe Customer & Employee Interactions - Part 2

Using Store Intelligence to Manage Safe Customer & Employee Interactions - Part 2 - AccuStore

Social distancing. Masks. Sneeze guards. As retailers continue to adapt their stores to follow new state and city mandates, the health and safety of their shoppers and customers remains a top priority.

In Part 1 of this two-part blog series, we touched on how integrating store intelligence technology into your retail team’s daily interactions can help you create and manage safer customer and employee engagement. Here are a few additional ways store intelligence can help you create positive employee experiences during challenging times.

Tracking Changes to Your Stores

Like many retailers, you may have installed plexiglass or acrylic glass checkout barriers to help control the spread of germs between your customers and employees. Perhaps you’ve shifted to more self-checkout lanes to keep checkout associates safe. If so, you’ll want to document alterations to your stores and possible floorplans. Onsite store surveys and profiling technology allow you to track these changes.

These same tools can also be used for exterior adjustments to your stores. For example, maybe you’ve designed larger curbside pickup areas or wider parking spaces or staggered parking to avoid crowding in your stores’ lots. Capturing this data will be valuable to internal stakeholders—such as real estate teams—allowing them to adhere to local ordinances pre- and post events.

Enforcing Social Distancing and Capacity

Whether due to government rulings or direct orders from your corporate office, you may be limiting the number of shoppers in your stores. If finding it challenging to keep your team members informed and in sync, you can create a checklist along with tasks for your teams to follow. Store intelligence with task managementfield audits and mobile capture tools, let store managers record and share photos and notes to help communicate with support teams, manage, and support best practices.

Enabling Virtual Leadership

Due to the onset of COVID-19, more than 16 million US workers have transitioned to remote work. Leveraging store intelligence technology can help leadership remotely manage store visits, critical directions, coaching and even performance reviews. By taking advantage of online surveys, your executive teams can streamline communications and easily collaborate with everyone from district and regional managers to human resources.

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