Retail Execution

Technology AccuStore makes it easy to access real-time information about every aspect of your stores, anytime you want. Call it your own version of a central intelligence agency, where state-of-the-art Site Profile Management provides you with store-level details that will improve your overall understanding of the differences between your locations and streamline your budget planning. Even when someone on your team is traveling, our powerful mobile app lets you take all of the site intelligence tools and market data with you, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition and take immediate action when you want. You’ll also appreciate our Store-Level IQ feature that keeps track of your team’s activities. You’ll always know who is visiting what store when and can ensure each site is receiving appropriate attention.

Quick profile updates ensure accuracy, help shave 35% off in-store marketing costs!

This 500-store Midwest convenience chain utilized our site profile management platform for ongoing, automatic database updates, reporting and to verify store specific needs. The built-in online survey tool helped them quickly collect data to ensure correct quantities for marketing materials and fixtures made it to the right stores for a considerable savings of time and POP costs.