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campaign rollout

It’s all coming together perfectly. The exciting new spring product line looks amazing. The celebrity collaborations are making headlines. The new ads are being shared all over social media. And now, it’s all eyes on you and your team to carry the campaign across the finish line and into stores.

While your competition is tossing half their marketing kits in the trash, the accuracy of your store profiles in AccuStore ensures each of the hundreds of participating locations get exactly the quantity and type of signage they need, based on their region, windows, fixtures and layout.

Better get used to being called “Rock star!”

brand compliance

Your next run of permanent signage is just around the corner - and thanks to that recent acquisition, you’re looking at a number of suddenly off-brand locations. Full remodels are well down the road, so the team is relying on you for a speedy solution.

Analysis of your AccuStore store profiles quickly reveals key opportunities to work-in updated branding to high-visibility areas of each store – not just in your new locations, but across your outdated legacy locations as well.

Now that you’ve successfully united the brand for your customers, you can look to onboarding your growing workforce.


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space planning

The new self-checkout pilot run was a success - it’s now time to plan the further integration across the entire chain.

Before you can pass the baton to facilities, the team needs insights for key decisions. How many kiosks can you accommodate? Does each location have the proper amount of floor space available?

No sweat! With accurate store-level measurements and details in AccuStore, successful space planning and allocation is a breeze. What’s more, thanks to up-to-date store profiles, you’ll only need to survey a portion of your stores, saving you a significant amount of time and guaranteeing your team a podium finish this season.

in-store visibility

These days, it’s difficult to stay in touch with every store in person, let alone at hundreds or thousands of locations nationwide. Who’s got the bandwidth? Yet, safety and compliance initiatives can’t simply be put on hold.

Hold the phone: You’ve got mobile devices in the field, so you’ve got boots on the ground, empowered to capture and update store profile details with speed and accuracy. And you’ve got the tools to analyze and share real-time insights, securely, from any distance.


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AccuStore store profiles empower you and your marketing, facilities, and operations teams to successfully plan and manage the in-store execution of your retail strategies.






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