The Secret to Better Store Communication

The Secret to Better Store Communication - AccuStore

Mankind has made so many advancements over time, from the wheel to landing on the moon and cracking the genetic code. So why do we still struggle with something as basic as communication? In retail, effective communication is the key to everything – employee engagement, store execution and store sales.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. When you know the secret, communication is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Use only one source of information.

Consider the multitude of places your coworkers must search for information to do their jobs:

  • Checklists on clipboards hanging behind the door of a locked office
  • Lunch room bulletin board
  • Email inboxes
  • Reports that reside on someone’s hard drive
  • Folders tucked away in a file cabinet

Now think about all the methods of communication you use:

  • Brochures
  • Memos
  • Phone Calls
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Posters in The Break Room
  • Group Huddles
  • Emails and Text Messages

Is it any wonder we have trouble understanding not only where to look but also what we’re supposed to know?

Solution: Make it easy on your team by having all information in one place. A store intelligence platform eliminates confusion because it solves both issues. It acts as your one true source to house data and it also acts as the medium to get your message out. Team leaders don’t have to worry about missing important store strategy info because they forgot to check a communication channel. A store intelligence platform means there’s only one place to look.

  1. Get store-specific with your message.

Are you sending the same message to every store when it only pertains to some? Why make your stores guess if the information is relevant to them? For instance:

  • Your new sweepstakes is not allowed in New York
  • Another state has a sign ordinance that forbids certain freestanding sign types in the parking lot.

There’s no need to confuse stores by sending them material they can’t use. It’s also wasteful. You’re spending more money and printing more than you should be. Store intelligence technology allows you to target your communications to the specific audience you want. You can use the information in your store profiles to set parameters that are helpful to you. It will reduce the amount of irrelevant messaging that employees have to sort through and, or course, improve store execution.

  1. Enable two-way dialogue.

One of the best things about utilizing a store intelligence platform is that you can share files or tips and exchange information in real time. Want to know if the bathrooms are clean or how the new display looks? Shoot out a quick online survey using the technology and ask for pictures with a time stamp on the response. You’ll get photos back that you can view side by side to compare. The platform keeps them organized by store and they won’t clog up space in your email inbox either.

So you see, the key to better communication lies in technology: A store intelligence platform can solve your internal communication woes and provide your stores with precisely the information they need to deliver a great customer experience. For more about how AccuStore can help, click here.