The Future of Retail Looks Like This

The Future of Retail Looks Like This - AccuStore

The Washington Post recently wrote an article about a new shopping center under construction in the heart of D.C. The urban center is fascinating because it is specifically designed to attract the millennial demographic. (You know, the group everyone, it seems, is trying so hard to get.) Why not borrow some of their great tips and tricks like these…

“Place making” – the art of making your store’s atmosphere feel distinctly local and personal. Think like a “mom & pop” store that’s a part of the neighborhood.

Use food as a lure – the center features a strong mix of restaurants and retail but, as we’ve seen, food is becoming more of a focus in all kinds of store environments.

Add music – the center will make the most of its location near the famous 9:30 Club. But great music lifts spirits. Last weekend, the West Elm near me had a DJ spinning in store.

Utilize the outdoors: 30-foot sidewalks, benches and catenary lighting all encourage socializing with your store as the center of attention.

“Try and touch” indoors – The center is encouraging sleek, minimal, Apple-like interiors to give the customer a reason to shop in person rather than online.

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