Retail Audit

Retail Audit - AccuStore

Customers are picky, and retailers know it. When preventable problems like long checkout lines, inconsistent labeling, and confusing product placements make shopping a challenge, customers will vote with their feet – and your bottom line will take a hit.

A retail audit helps you identify issues that negatively impact the customer experience. With consistent, accurate audit data in your hands, you can take action to correct those problems and win back the business you’re losing to the other guys. Here’s what to expect from an AccuStore retail audit:

Retail-savvy audit teams – Our auditors know retail and understand the unique challenges your stores face. They also know why store compliance makes you antsy. From high turnover to inconsistent procedures among locations, staying true to protocol is tough. We get it. We’ve been there. AccuStore auditors will help you see the big picture, so you can re-engineer the systems that contribute to noncompliance and poor customer experiences.

Fast, accurate tools – Know what you get when you fuse expert human attention and powerful decision-making technology? Action-ready data you can start using today. That’s why our audit tools deliver objective, real-time, multimedia intelligence. Because you need to improve your store now – not “sometime soon” when the reports are complete. Our audit findings are ready the moment the audit is finished, and dependable technology is how we make that happen.

Processes that support objectives – An Accustore retail audit examines every performance and compliance-related business dimension that impacts your stores. Our process pits your brand standards, business goals, and customer expectations against the status quo. By assigning each metric a numerical value, we provide quantitative results you can understand in context and compare with subsequent audits. Process, after all, is about more than sending people to your store to surreptitiously photograph mislabeled products. It’s about applying a methodology that makes sense for your business and gives you data you can use.

AccuStore’s retail audits put you in control of store performance and empower you to avoid unsatisfactory customer experiences. Our onsite audit teams will help you:

  • Visualize performance shortcomings across locations and business units
  • Make evidence-based business decisions that reduce or eliminate legal and brand compliance risks
  • Identify systems and procedures that negatively impact customer experiences
  • Use technology to monitor and act on new and existing performance issues

If you’re nodding your head thinking, “Hey, I could use that sort of thing,” the time to schedule a retail audit was yesterday. Contact AccuStore to start collecting meaningful data and make your customers smile again.