Keeping Your Teams on Task During the COVID-19 Crisis

Keeping Your Teams on Task During the COVID-19 Crisis - AccuStore

Now’s the time to integrate a store intelligence system into your stores. A store intelligence app can help ensure that your team members are following recently implemented CDC guidance, keeping shelves stocked and adhering to ADA mandates.

Conditions change frequently in stores, especially during times of crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic or devastating weather events. With task management, you can easily streamline communication and set your teams up for success.

Here are some examples of how a store intelligence app can help keep your stores running safely and smoothly.

    1. Cleaning Reminders: Keeping your stores clean is more important than ever right now. Set up task alerts and set deadlines for hourly cleaning of frequently touched areas and steady cleaning of carts.
    2. Validate Stock Levels: It’s no secret that items like toilet paper, eggs, and cleaning supplies are selling out fast. Schedule tasks to ensure available items in your stores continue being stocked. Have team members stay in touch if promotional signage for certain items are no longer available in stores.
    3. Safety Audits: Use a mobile capture tool that allows team members to record, submit photos and share notes or updates with team members ensuring that COVID-19 safety protocols are being followed.
    4. Verify New Signage: It’s important to make sure all your stores have the correct social distancing, new store hours, and other COVID-19 related signage placed in the applicable areas. Use task management and captures to confirm all stores and teams are on board.
    5. ADA Compliance: With employees so focused on COVID-19, it’s easy for them to overlook ADA compliance checks within your stores. Create tasks to help keep team members accountable.

For questions or tips on streamlining communication between your teams using task management, reach out to our store intelligence experts today.