How to Keep Your Stores ADA Compliant

How to Keep Your Stores ADA Compliant - AccuStore

First enacted in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires retailers to provide access to their goods and services to people with disabilities. Back in 2017, U.S. stores were hit with more than 7,500 lawsuits—costing over $100 million—for failing to properly meet ADA requirements. Because the ADA doesn’t require prior notice of alleged violations, most ADA lawsuits arrive as an unexpected, unpleasant surprise. With so many stores receiving violations, there’s a good chance you know of a retailer who has experienced an ADA lawsuit.

For retailers looking to avoid the cost and embarrassment that accompany such lawsuits, a store intelligence solution is a must-have. Read on to discover how store intelligence can help keep you covered.

  • Safety First. Making sure your stores display easy-to-view warning signs is a priority. Store team members need to make sure “HOT” warning signs appear near coffee and roller grill areas, “Wet Floor” alerts are atop freshly mopped floors, and “Employees Must Wash Hands” reminders remain posted in restrooms. Store intelligence with task management functionality is an excellent way to get team members involved in helping your stores keep up with this.
  • Dated Fixtures Can’t Accommodate Important ADA Signage. There’s a good chance some of your stores are using old or dated fixtures to hold signage. If Corporate is unaware of this update, you’re running the risk of receiving ADA-compliant signage you can’t support. With store intelligence, you’ll have the ability to keep your store-specific signage fixtures current and up to date.
  • Capture Problematic Issues Before It’s Too Late. As a busy retailer, by the time you discover possible ADA situations occurring in one of your stores, it’ll be too late. For example, what if the handicap accessible toilet in one of your stores has been out of order all week. Perhaps a new display in one of your smaller stores is creating accessibility issues for wheelchair-bound customers. A store intelligence solution helps streamline communication, keeping management and employees on the same page.

Stop ADA violations before they happen. Speak with our store intelligence experts today to find out more.