How Store Intelligence Streamlines In-Store Pickup Programs

How Store Intelligence Streamlines In-Store Pickup Programs - AccuStore

As in-store pick up grows in popularity, retailers are doing everything they can to ensure the success of their buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) program. However, creating a streamlined click and collect strategy doesn’t have to be costly and complex.

Leveraging custom store intelligence offers retailers valuable store-specific insight that can effectively reduce costs and simplify the overall in-store pickup process. Tapping into a real-time store intelligence solution seamlessly integrates e-commerce with physical retail stores making it a win-win for both customers and management.

Read on to discover five ways store intelligence can ease a variety of pain points and help deliver a winning omnichannel customer experience.

    1. Eliminates Guesswork
      Store intelligence gives retailers the visibility needed to make store-specific decisions creating an easier way to execute in-store pickup efforts. Store profiles provide retailers a clear picture of their offering abilities, such as the number of designated in-store pickup parking spots they can accommodate.
    2. Offers Real-Time Visibility into Inventory Capacity
      When it comes to creating a positive customer experience, accuracy is key. A store’s reputation depends on it.  When a shopper places an order it’s imperative that the selected purchase is available in-store. A store intelligence platform provides real-time visibility into each stores’ storage space and fixtures, so retailers can maintain accurate inventory in each location.
    3. Reduces Logistical Costs
      Store intelligence offers retailers a way to reduce the logistical costs associated with delivering the right product to the right stores by understanding store-level capacity, retail square footage and layouts.
    4. Simplifies and Streamlines Process
      It’s no secret that ease and convenience are the top reasons customers chose in-store pickup. That same simplicity should ring true for retailers. Store intelligence software eases communication within the store, empowers team members and helps retailers deliver a unified shopping experience every time.
    5. Enhances Customer Experience
      Cloud-based store intelligence reduces confusion for employees resulting in a better customer experience. For example, easily-accessible store-specific layouts make the in-store pickup counter easy to find, even if it’s located in different areas due to store layout and size.

To learn more about how store intelligence offers valuable insight to drive growth and enhance the customer experience, visit AccuStore.com.