How Site Intelligence Turns Your Data Into Decision-Making Gold

How Site Intelligence Turns Your Data Into Decision-Making Gold

You’re hit with a continuous flood of data, from spreadsheets, emails, reports, surveys, meetings, store walks and vendors. There’s data everywhere! But I bet if you were trying to get your hands on a specific set of numbers, it would take a while to track it down. That’s because every data source lives in a data silo. Every department uses its own tools for measuring and storing its information. And, when you do locate what you need, how confident are you in its accuracy?

You don’t need more site data. You need site intelligence.

AccuStore™ site intelligence gives you:

  • Only the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date information always
  • Access to all of your data anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Peace of mind!

This is real-time retail that empowers you with a dashboard view of what’s going on right now – not the rear view mirror look of a static spreadsheet.

AccuStore™ site intelligence links all of your information together to become your one true, cloud-based command center. Finally, you can centralize all of your data sources and measure all aspects of your business: communications, compliance and execution strategies. The dashboard organizes all of your information and makes sense of it, because you finally see the whole picture. Visualize your data how it matters most to you, quickly and easily. Strengthen your best practices and deliver the most profitable retail merchandising, marketing and store operations decisions ever.

AccuStore can help your marketing, merchandising, ops and facilities:

  • Get answers in minutes – not days
  • Simplify store walks and compliance checks
  • Reduce overspend
  • Minimize waste
  • Boost operating margin as you spot trends earlier
  • Better prepare for promotions
  • Create more effective marketing displays
  • Become more efficient overall
  • Enable faster rollouts
  • Establish a culture of high performance

Combine the real-time, site-level data and streamlined communication with online surveys and mobile task management, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Want to give AccuStore a spin? Contact us today!