5 Ways Store Intelligence Optimizes Vendor Programs

5 Ways Store Intelligence Optimizes Vendor Programs - AccuStore

Convenience store vendor programs are a great way to increase sales, drive foot traffic and convert fuel-only purchases into c-store purchases. However, like store managers and team members, your vendor reps are often short on time and manpower. Sure, a real-time store and marketing intelligence solution helps retailers streamline communication and simplify execution, however, did you know your vendor reps can benefit as well? Here’s how five features can optimize vendor programs.

  • Store Check-Ins – Delivers peace of mind to vendors, letting them know their programs are being managed and executed correctly via the check-in feature. GPS-enabled check-ins provide proof that vendor team members have visited a store location at a certain time. During the check-in process, vendors can assign tasks, review and complete tasks related to programs currently running in your stores.
  • Captures – Allows everyone involved with your store’s vendor programs to report and share in-store marketing campaign updates, photos and observations. Captures verify your vendor’s brand is accurately represented and executed within your stores. The photo capture feature makes setting up and maintaining vendor programs a breeze and eliminates room for error.

  • Task Management – Empowers vendor reps to keep everyone on track and accountable by creating deadline-specific tasks complete with detailed instructions, planograms and supporting materials. A task management feature lets team members and vendor reps gather and share critical store-level campaign data and feedback in real time, as well as, add photos to validate any findings or issues that may come up.
  • PromoManager™ – Offers vendors a simple way to execute their promotional campaigns by linking everyone involved in the development, implementation and execution. The PromoManager feature:
    • Simplifies the implementation of marketing programs at the store level by delivering 100 percent store-specific promotional summaries
    • Eliminates redundant efforts by vendors, category managers, sales planners and administrators
    • Provides a single source of truth for promotional data and a web-based database for sharing all promotional data
    • Streamlines capturing of promotional data through data entry short-cuts within the application

  • Store-Specific Marketing Guides – Gives vendor reps detailed marketing guides to help them communicate marketing and operational information to your store teams, giving them everything they need in one easy-to-follow guide. With store-specific marketing guides, store managers know exactly how to plan for and what to expect with each new promotion. This store-level execution tool helps improve sign placement compliance making it easy to set up your vendor campaigns and meet their expectations.

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