4 Ways Store Intelligence Drives Results for Auto Parts Retailers

4 Ways Store Intelligence Drives Results for Auto Parts Retailers - AccuStore

From reducing costs to enhancing the overall customer experience, automotive industry retailers can take advantage of a variety of rewards that go hand in hand with integrating a store intelligence solution. Store Intelligence technology:

  1. Adds Visibility While Increasing Accuracy
    By creating a centralized data management strategy, car tire providers or auto parts retailers can easily eliminate data silos and gain anytime, anywhere visibility to store profile information. A 360-degree dashboard view of every store gives managers a 100 percent accurate image of all physical assets, warranty information, compliance data, marketing needs and more. Important store information can be made accessible to store managers, vendors, operations, facilities management and marketing.
  2. Makes Brand Refresh Easy
    Auto parts suppliers, automotive stores or car dealerships utilizing store intelligence technology can quickly and cost-effectively refresh their in-store signage and window displays. By using store-specific info and sizes, it’s easy to identify which stores need updated signage helping retailers save money, time and labor allowing them to reprint or print only what’s needed. For example, this car dealership saved approximately 40 percent by taking advantage of store intelligence software when it came time to refresh its store windows.
  3. Streamlines In-Store Pickup Programs
    Leveraging customized store intelligence offers auto retailers valuable store-specific insight that can effectively reduce costs and simplify the overall in-store pickup process while delivering a better buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) customer experience. Tapping into a real-time store intelligence solution seamlessly integrates e-commerce with physical retail stores making it a win-win for both customers and management.
  4. Optimizes and Reallocates Inventory
    Using accurate data enables retailers to easily reallocate inventory allowing stores to stock the right products for the right customers at all the right moments. Selling out of a product or part costs retailers sales and hinders the overall customer experience. When it comes to inventory, overstocking is just as detrimental as understocking an item. By shifting inventory from one auto parts store to another, owners can reduce the need to run promotions and clearance sales.

AccuStore helps retailers and automotive industry leaders gain vital insights into their store locations while helping them increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experience. Get started with a free demo today.