Store Profile Technology

The site-specific intelligence you need to maximize store-level execution and grow your bottom line.

AccuStore® Site Surveys

You think you know what’s going on in the stores. But often, corporate and store managers see things in different ways and may even rely on different methods. AccuStore site profile management closes the gap between what you think is happening and what is actually happening. By compiling a detailed repository of site-specific information that becomes your company’s single source, you will have the insight you need to know your stores from top to bottom.


It totally eliminates the need to rekey data over and over into spreadsheets – and the room for error that method often creates. Plus, you can do away with shared drives used as data dumping grounds – and wasting time looking for unorganized information. AccuStore dramatically reduces the amount of time, energy and costly keying mistakes and, instead, allows you to focus your time and money on flawless retail execution and performance.

Site specific kits provided by AccuStore improve efficiency and store-level execution

AccuStore surveyors first completed a thorough site survey so this grocery retailer could start with accurate, organized site data. The new site profiles made it easy to set up formulas for site-specific, cost-effective POP campaign kits and enabled marketing to print exactly what is needed by store size and location—saving time, costs and unnecessary waste.