Store Portal

Empower your stores with real-time access to the information they need.

Give your stores access to the information that leads to better communication, compliance and execution. With our state-of-the-art store portal, it’s easy for your store managers to...

  • Track shipments
  • View site profile data
  • Ensure store tasks and goals are met
  • Communicate effectively with Corporate
  • See store inventory
Stores can also streamline ordering through the portal’s online asset management system. Quickly and effectively order from an inventory of signage, fixtures and displays in an easy-to-use, site-specific graphical catalog interface. Each item housed includes a photo or illustration as well as a description and schematics showing how to install the item.


  • Promotes store-level decision making: Ensure each store has what it needs to succeed
  • Manage flow through: Utilize a security model where users can only see inventory relevant to their store
  • Demand planning: Align inventory levels to ensure must haves are always on hand and you won’t run out in heavy promotional times
  • Fully integrated warehouse management: One system can control assets housed in multiple geographic locations
Built in to the system is a controls module so you can set up functions such as order approval structure, budget controls, ordering limits by user and/or sign type and more. Use it to establish order approvals and limits, track shipments, control budgets and run transaction reports any time. Also ask us about customizing the Store Portal to meet your needs and access requirements.