Leverage Store Intelligence Beyond Just Retail Marketing

Retail marketing starts with robust, next-gen store profiling technology, the real trick is to ensure you’re making the most out of this must-have tool. Which of your team members are using it? Are they utilizing all the different features correctly? Read on to discover how store intelligence technology goes beyond just retail marketing.

Who’s Using Store Intelligence Technology & How

Sure, your Marketing and Creative teams are most likely the first to put store intelligence technology to work, however this smart solution is ideal for a variety of stakeholders. From additional departments such as Real Estate, Facilities, Operations and Loss Prevention, this technology can help streamline communication to and from the field, reduce expenses, improve execution and accelerate growth. Here’s how.

How Store Profiling Data Can Enhance Your Retail Marketing

Maximize the value of your store profile data to help determine the precise in-store marketing needed for each store, reduce costs and optimize process efficiencies. Additionally, a store intelligence tool makes it easier to:

  • Plan in-store marketing programs with ease
  • Increase your speed to market
  • Improve brand compliance
  • Fine-tune a hyper-localization strategy
  • And more

How Store Profiling Technology Helps With Retail Execution

From streamlining communication and cutting costs to improving execution and compliance, you’ll gain valuable insight into your stores and accelerate your growth by tapping into store intelligence technology features available for both web and mobile, such as:

  • Online Surveys to keep your data current and up-to-date
  • Mobile Audits - self generated, scorable, sharable audits
  • Task Management to help improve store operations and create team member accountability
  • Mobile Site Captures - easily track maintenance tickets, report issues found during store visits and more
  • Site IQ and Mobile Check-Ins help improve site intelligence, track goals, and increase visibility into your stores
  • Store Scorecards help you enhance shopper experiences and make retail execution reporting even easier

Take a Deeper Dive Into Captures, Audits, Tasks and Surveys

AccuStore’s industry experts recently hosted a “More Than Just Retail Marketing - How to Benefit From Captures, Audits, Tasks and Surveys” webinar. Complete this form to view a recorded version of the webinar and discover how AccuStore helps operations, merchandising and fulfillment teams gain store-level insight.

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