Store Imaging, Remodeling, Redesign

Smarter Merchandising Management

An appealing retail atmosphere makes customers feel like more than just customers – it makes them feel like honored guests. When you make every customer your guest of honor, there's a good chance they'll tell friends about the experience.

And we all know what a positive buzz can do for your sales.

Here's the thing: it's hard to create an atmosphere customers love. If you're like most retailers, you're looking at battered gondolas, scratched pegboard, and dog-eared signage. How do you transition from that to consistent, brand-befitting décor that makes customers feel at home and helps you move inventory?

The answer is data. Relevant, accurate data. The more you know about store-level design, layout, and branding challenges, the more precise you can be in your efforts to address them. AccuStore's onsite retail surveys empower you with the store-level data you need to pursue…

Reimaging: From menu boards to merchandising displays, attractive, consistent imaging improves customer perception and leaves people with a warm feeling about your brand. Our survey methodology pinpoints opportunities to improve store imaging and entice customers to buy more of what you're trying to sell. We also identify inconsistencies among locations, so you can take action to provide a total brand experience that fulfills expectations and creates legions of lifetime customers.

Remodeling: When a customer enters your store for the first time, what is her perception of the facility? If "dated," "worn out," or "needs TLC" are the sorts of reactions that occur to you, it's a safe bet new customers feel the same way. These sentiments are shockingly common, which is why survey intelligence seeks to uncover and prioritize remodeling opportunities for every store in your chain.

Redesign: For retailers, great design isn't just about looking pretty. It's about providing a layout that's easy to navigate, connects customers with products, and minimizes clutter, disarray, and ambiguity. In other words, great design encourages sales. But while "redesign" might sound resource-intensive, our surveys often reveal ways to improve store layouts by reorganizing existing assets and rethinking current presentation guidelines. Yes, many retailers do boost sales without scrapping their fixtures and displays. No joke.

If you're already wondering how your store will look after a makeover, contact AccuStore today! Our retail-savvy survey teams deliver the top-to-bottom intelligence you need to make smart reimaging, remodeling, and redesign decisions. Think of it as a first step toward higher long-term sales – and toward elevating customers to a seat of honor.