Ensuring Point of Purchase Compliance

Discover how AccuStore's store surveys can help you maximize POP buying incentives.

Attractive, straightforward point of purchase (POP) merchandising appeals to customers' "buy now" impulses. In an effort to maximize POP buying incentives, you probably comply with strict POP display standards that cover everything from fixture placement to brand imagery.

That is, you're supposed to comply with the standards. But compliance is tough, isn't it?

High turnover, competing demands on employees' time, and endemic inconsistencies among stores can nudge POP compliance to the sidelines. AccuStore's store surveys will help you reverse that trend.

Our survey teams use their retail smarts to identify gaps in point of purchase compliance and empower you to follow established standards. The result? Happier customers, higher sales, and endless accolades from corporate. Here's how we help:

Accurate signage: Inaccurate or confusing signage makes it harder for customers to find the products they need. At worst, it makes shopping a chore and turns people away from your brand. We use photographic evidence to document all cases of inaccurate signage, so you can fix POP displays quickly and show customers what they're really getting.

Consistent merchandising: Maintaining consistent POP visuals among stores is a tall order, but the benefits are compelling: customers know what to expect (and where to find products), and you generate more revenue. It's a clear win-win, but how do you identify inconsistencies when you're constantly busy assisting customers? Our survey data makes it easy to pinpoint every POP-level merchandising inconsistency. You'll have all the information you need to fulfill customer expectations and mitigate noncompliance risk.

Sales-focused layouts: One reason compliance exists is to ensure POP layouts follow standards proven to maximize sales. When POP layouts don't inspire customers to buy, you're left with excess inventory. A site survey that incorporates every POP compliance concern will reveal whether your POP layouts compel purchase activity (or discourage it).

Let AccuStore give you valuable point of purchase compliance insights within a straightforward, comprehensive survey framework. Our survey teams fuse retail expertise with real-time data delivery tools, so you get all information you need to take quick action. Ask whether it's time for your POP merchandising to…

  • Catch every customer's eye
  • Elicit a buying response
  • Display current, accurate pricing information
  • Align with store imaging and branding
  • Nurture delightful customer experiences

If it's time to make good on these objectives, contact AccuStore today! We'll eliminate the uncertainty surrounding POP compliance, so you can move more inventory and smile when you see your balance sheet.