How to Build a Store Visit Checklist

Isn’t it time your store data helped you execute quickly and solve problems that impact customers?

Store Visit

A retail store visit should produce clear, straightforward data that management receives quickly and understands fully. What’s more, the data should be improvement-oriented, comprehensive, and – this is the big one – actionable.

Finalized store visit checklists often include:

  • Merchandising: How do your inventory plans and product placements affect sales, operating costs, and customer perception? We’ll show you new merchandising opportunities and address store-level merchandising challenges.
  • Marketing: Is signage accurate and consistent across locations? Are promotions current and prominent at POP? Meeting marketing objectives is tough, but accurate data can kick your marketing into gear.
  • Compliance: Do your stores comply with regulatory and internal requirements? We’ll identify which stores are most vulnerable to noncompliance and help you strategize to mitigate noncompliance risk.
  • Customer Service: Are employees available, friendly, and professionally dressed? Is service speedy and solution-oriented? Shoppers remember poor customer service, so you should strive to make your service experience shine.
  • Cleanliness: Are your stores immaculate inside and out? We’ll let you see stores the way your customers see them, so you can clean up and make a better impression.

The checklist is only the beginning. AccuStore's seasoned field teams go beyond traditional retail audits to help you build effective action plans. We provide comprehensive site surveys covering everything from fixture dimensions to inventory capacity and POS versioning – a comprehensive data resource that informs your strategies and increases efficiency across your chain.

Contact us to schedule a store visit that empowers you to make better business decisions.