Business Intelligence in the Retail Industry

Business Intelligence in the Retail Industry

Since the early 2000s, abundant new technologies and software have revolutionized every industry, including retail. Business intelligence in the retail industry is more granular than ever — there are many options for how to capture, record, and parse data. The better you’re able to do this, the more insight you’ll gain into your business, so you can get that competitive edge.

But too many software choices can be overwhelming. How do you choose the right software to help you achieve this business intelligence? How do you best gather and analyze the data that informs your supply chain, advertising, merchandising, and the host of other concerns you juggle in your job?

After all, these issues are interconnected. Using specialized software to handle each of them can be time consuming and inefficient, with endless Excel spreadsheet edits and email exchanges. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create a sustainable business intelligence strategy with a single, powerful, comprehensive program?

AccuStore: Powerful Store Intelligence Software

AccuStore delivers exactly that. Our proprietary software helps you leverage site-specific information and communicate it in a streamlined format to personnel at all levels of operation, from store managers on up to corporate. With everyone on the same page, AccuStore can help you reduce indirect spend by 5% while increasing financial growth by 15%.

AccuStore's plan is simple. With our software, you can:

  • Populate these profiles with data captured in the easiest way possible — via your mobile device.
  • Use the Capture feature in the field to make real-time, site-specific observations and notes available to everyone linked to that issue.
  • Use the Site IQ feature to monitor which regional managers have checked in at which locations with a user-friendly map.
  • Push task via mobile app to anyone in any store,.
  • Make informed decisions about merchandising, marketing, inventory, and other day-to-day store operations, and save yourself wasteful spending and valuable time.

The Correlation Between Accurate Data, Check-Ins, and Store Performance

Accurate data and frequent managerial contact are necessary for optimum store performance. When district managers are making the rounds, performing store walks, auditing store operations, overseeing merchandising and purchasing, and keeping close tabs on each site, your stores will maximize their profits.

Your software choices should be informed by this reality. Other technologies may help you visualize how much product you’re selling, or when you’re selling it. But AccuStore can tell you why, so you can tweak your operations to focus on what matters most and drive financial growth.

Say, for instance, that you use the same POP displays in every store. How do you know that your choices are good for each individual site? Maybe ten of your hundred locations are in a Spanish-language district, but your signage doesn’t reflect that. The result is poor merchandising and overage on indirect spend. Or maybe you’ve made product choices based on a post-Christmas rush, but half of your locations don’t have the fixtures to display what you’ve sent. How do you know about these problems, and how do you fix them?

With AccuStore, you’ll know about each issue as it occurs, because your store managers can upload detailed data — including pictures — from each location, and take site-specific notes. They don’t waste time recording information with paper and clipboard, transferring it to digital form, and then trying to communicate with you about it via email or phone or fax. They only need two things to translate on-site realities into better planning: themselves, and their phones. AccuStore takes care of the rest.

Make More Informed Choices with AccuStore

A complicated world needs simpler answers. Don’t try to solve your store operations issues with several kinds of conflicting software. Choose a centralized, streamlined, comprehensive, user-friendly solution. Choose AccuStore.