Onsite Surveys

Gain reliable intelligence about every location to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

At AccuStore, we understand that you must be able to trust the consistency and accuracy of store survey data to make your most important, customer-facing decisions. Our professional onsite survey methodology delivers all of the precise, detailed information you need in a format that is easy to manage to empower your success.

When it comes to site intelligence, we’re the perfect fit.

Site Survey Features

  • Experienced, professional survey staff who understand retail
  • A mobile-technology platform that enables surveyors to transmit profile information in real time
  • Completely customized site survey questionnaires
  • Accurate equipment details to help you reduce capital expenditure, track and improve maintenance scheduling
  • Current inspection of your fixtures – just how many and what condition are they in
  • Facility compliance and safety audit to protect your stores and your brand
  • A complete set of digital photos of each space to improve understanding and speed of decision-making
  • Access to all information from a secure online portal

Some of our satisfied survey clients:

Client Logos

AccuStore’s expert methodology helps to build database of accurate store profiles

Our client, one of the top wireless carriers with 1,000 stores, requested a complete site survey of each location. Before we started, we met with company stakeholders to determine a business needs analysis and refine all survey terminology upfront. Our professional survey team then used the same methodology and took photos to ensure complete visibility. The result was an organized, sharable set of accurate site intelligence that all departments can use to make more informed decisions and improve execution.