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AccuStore's Virtual Store Scan Unveils Game-Changing Features

May 14, 2024 by Jamie Banks – The utility of virtual reality and immersive experiences has great potential for retailers when it comes to marketing, renovations, and store planning. AccuStore’s Virtual Store Walkthrough has emerged as a trailblazer, consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and now offers new features.

Minimap Plug-in: Navigating Spaces with Ease

Navigation within virtual environments can sometimes be challenging. The Virtual Store Walkthrough addresses this issue with its new Minimap Plug-in, providing users with a bird’s-eye view of the entire space. This allows for seamless navigation, enabling users to easily locate specific areas and navigate with precision and efficiency.

Expanded Floorplan Formats: Customization at Your Fingertips

A range of new formats for floorplans provides users with greater flexibility and customization options. Users can select a 2D layout or a more immersive 3D representation. These expanded formats allow users to tailor their virtual spaces to suit their specific needs, whether it’s for store planning, POP & wayfinding, or renovations.

Compass Plug-in: Maintaining Orientation in Virtual Spaces

Orientation is key when navigating virtual environments, especially when exploring complex layouts or multi-level structures. The compass plug-in ensures that users always maintain their bearings within the virtual space. This visual reference point, indicates the direction in which the user faces and helps them stay oriented as they move through the virtual environment.

Converting Scans into CAD Files

The most groundbreaking new feature is the ability to seamlessly convert scans into industry-standard CAD files. This functionality bridges the gap between virtual and physical worlds, allowing for a smooth transition from digital models to real-world applications. Architects, engineers, and designers can now leverage scan files to create accurate CAD models, streamlining the design process and facilitating collaboration across disciplines.

In conclusion, these new features represent a significant leap forward, offering users versatility, functionality, and ease of use. Unlock the full potential of your retail spaces by exploring virtual spaces and reimagine your stores’ fullest potential. Contact us today for a free demo.

Our Brand Story

GSP started as a printing company in1978. We found our niche supplying in-store signage for convenience stores when retailers guessed quantities they needed. This led to overage, waste and expense. To solve this, we developed software to guarantee on-time delivery of “the right size sign, to the right store, every time.”

In 2014, we started AccuStore with a dedicated team. As software helped drive our growth, we realized that new printing and fulfillment sites near customers could drive business and improve sustainability. We acquired companies that fit GSP’s technical excellence and superior customer service models.

First was Great Big Pictures in Madison, WI in 2015. They lead the field in large format printing and visual merchandising for iconic fashion retailers. Their standards for customer service include award-winning sustainability programs, and expertise to bolster retail environments services.

In 2020, GSP acquired Custom Color in Lenexa, KS. The company supplies printed graphics to leading retailers. Custom Color’s stellar quality in fabric printing also aligns with GSP’s values.

GSP provides branding and marketing services with a focus on site-specific execution to help transform our customers’ growth strategies into store-level success. We design retail environments to engage shoppers and provide superior customer experiences. AccuStore powers our retail marketing, execution and digital display technologies and ensures stores get only what they need. GSP is a forward-thinking company that’s here to serve retailers now, with a focus on their future.

GSP delivers graphics and digital marketing to over 75,000 retail locations. Our experts provide retail branding and marketing services, focused on site-specific execution. Our methods ensure stores get only the POP they need, at the lowest cost. Our Retail Environments team creates and deploys amazing, in-store shopping experiences.