Make the Most Out of Your Store Walks and Retail Audits

Make the Most Out of Your Store Walks and Retail Audits - AccuStore

Completing store walks or in-store audits allows retailers the opportunity to garner the information needed to execute winning campaigns, enhance customer experiences and ensure regulatory or ADA compliance. By performing scheduled store walks, each store can receive exactly what they need, faster and more cost-effectively. These retail walk-throughs give executive teams the opportunity to respond to challenges whether they’re store-level or systemic.

Retail auditing can be time consuming and disruptive to store employees and management. By tapping into a cloud-based mobile sales tool, today’s retailers can rely on next-gen technology to help make their store visits more productive. Here’s how.

  1. Utilize a Shared Data Platform – a shared platform is ideal for creating action plans, addressing store issues, and increasing visibility into store-level challenges across the organization. Giving every department access to the same data enables valuable collaboration needed to help support your stores. With cloud-based secure data storage, operations, merchandising and marketing teams can access accurate store details anytime, anywhere.
  2. Say Goodbye to Handwritten Notes – strengthen your store walks by eliminating manually maintained spreadsheets, paper checklists and handwritten notes. Store intelligence technology with Captures lets your teams quickly and conveniently report observations using their smartphones. By sharing notes and photos, you can capture correct store signage placement, spot competitor trends and call out potential safety or compliance issues before they become customer problems.
  3. Easily Collect Store Info – with a store intelligence app, your teams will no longer need multiple methods of reporting and communicating. Data and details from store visits can be turned into reports and scorecards. Develop and review how your staff is focusing on customer service, marketing, promotions, product launches and compliance audits. Scorecards provide a summary report to assess each stores’ performance and to determine where adjustments need to be made.

AccuStore is the all-in-one SaaS needed to help you gather accurate, real-time retail audit insights making store walks more effective. To learn more, schedule a demo today.