AccuStore Upgrades Store Audit Capabilities

Mobile app improves marketing accuracy, pro-active store management

Clearwater, Fla., Feb. 9, 2023 - AccuStore, the retail intelligence suite from GSP, has recently updated the product to improve store audit capabilities. Users can now build more robust dossiers of store attributes to empower management teams to improve customer service and assess each store’s competitive strengths.

What’s New

AccuStore upgraded its store audit feature to make it even easier for store-level employees to show store conditions with photos and survey responses. This augmented information assists decision makers in headquarters and regional offices to increase their understanding of store-level conditions. 

Retail associates can better document their store audits with photos. Questionnaires can include both rating scale capabilities and yes/no answers. Responses can also be multiple choice questions. Cumulated responses can build store specific scorecards.

Compiling this store intelligence has never been easier as it is included in the AccuStore suite. If using the audit app on a mobile phone or tablet, questionnaires may require photos. This saves time with uploading image files.

Here are some specific examples of using the AccuStore audit feature:

  • Verify presence of store operations manuals using the yes / no rating
  • Customer-facing areas can be rated for appearance and condition on a scale of 1-5
  • Trash receptacles can be rated as full or empty


Once an audit is completed, store managers can create lists of actionable items, assess each store’s competitiveness, brand compliance, or determine whether a remodeled store is ready to open. Managers can compile audits to verify trends in the field. Using a single source of truth, managers can develop action plans to accommodate challenging situations before they arise.
Best of all, an accurate audit helps managers assess their stores against their competitors and improve customer service.

“With the challengers retailers face with employee churn rates, store intelligence plays a critical role for branding, marketing and execution,” said Jennifer Williams, Vice President of AccuStore. “Store audits play a key role in training new team members to be effective retail professionals.”

About AccuStore

AccuStore is the result of more than 40 years of helping retailers gain store-level intelligence to enhance operations, marketing, facilities, management, loss prevention and human resources. Its enhanced store profiling technology makes it easy for consumer-facing businesses to access real-time information about every site. AccuStore customizes a database of site-level details and stores it security on a cloud-based platform with a web interface and mobile 24/7 access. The mobile app enables managers to turn their strategic plans into store level results on the go. A GSP company, AccuStore is based in Clearwater, Fla. To find out more, visit accustore.com

For more information contact:

Jamie Banks
AccuStore Marketing Manager


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GSP Marketing