Your Store Signage May Be Costing You More Than You Think

Your Store Signage May Be Costing You More Than You Think - AccuStore

Many of today’s retailers are faced with a variety of in-store marketing challenges. These issues cost you time and money and take a toll on your employees and your budget. Learn how a store intelligence solution can help you overcome these common conundrums.

  1. Put an End to Poor Execution. When it comes to driving sales, signage execution and consistency are everything. Don’t let a successful marketing campaign flop due to failed execution. Because your store locations differ, so should your marketing guides. By starting with a site survey, you’ll have access to accurate and simple-to-follow store-specific marketing guides. These planners are much more relevant to each store location and make execution easier for busy employees. Store-specific marketing guides ensure each store gets only the information it needs and nothing more.
  2. Easily Manage Your In-Store Graphics. Keeping track of in-store graphics, signage and marketing collateral using spreadsheets is time-consuming and leaves room for error. Consider using an asset management system, which allows you to securely house your digital assets as well as search and sort. Your marketing teams can view or revisit past work they may want to reuse. Because campaigns are time sensitive, slow approvals can slow down production. A digital asset management system helps expedite the design approval process by letting you conveniently proof your marketing materials online.
  3. Avoid Pricy Printing Overages. A store intelligence solution offers accurate details regarding store signage size and the signage fixtures available for each store’s location. By knowing which signs fit which stores, you can eliminate guesswork, prevent print waste and significantly reduce your marketing costs. Streamline orders by segmenting your stores marketing by size, by market or by architectural type. Printing only what you need saves money and lets you do your part to help the environment as well.

Don’t let your store signage overwhelm your teams. Schedule a demo with our AccuStore experts to learn how a store intelligence solution can help.