Visibility or Quicksand? What Is on Your Path to Purchase?

Visibility or Quicksand? What Is on Your Path to Purchase? - AccuStore

In retail, there is no “yellow brick road” to lead our customers directly to larger baskets and complete bliss. It is a risky path, with lots of quicksand and steep drop-offs. However, retail intelligence platforms can alert us to those trail hazards and help us lead our shoppers on a satisfying customer journey. AccuStore is one of those powerful retail intelligence tools to help improve your stores’ visibility.

Here is how it works. If you have just one store, you know every frame for your POP, how big your windows can be for your clings, and what is on your digital displays at any given moment, all factors that you can improve for better visibility. Maybe you can do this for three stores or even seven stores. But there is a limit. And once you reach a certain point, you need to do more than just write it down.

What happens if you are part of a chain of 70 stores, 700 stores, or 7,000 stores and your job is to improve your stores’ visibility?

That is what AccuStore does. You start with a survey plan that makes a record of each store’s marketing visibility assets. Then it is uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed by the corporate offices, managers in the field, and store associates. Once complete, you have a catalog of all the steps on your customers’ paths to purchase. You will have them bypass quicksand and steep drop-offs with a plan that gets them in front of the right messages at the right time, in signage and digital displays.