Using Store Intelligence to Manage Safe Customer & Employee Interactions - Part 1

Using Store Intelligence to Manage Safe Customer & Employee Interactions - Part 1 - AccuStore

When non-essential businesses closed, grocery, convenience, and QSR employees immediately became the nation’s frontline heroes. And with only 34% of shoppers feeling safe in stores these days, retailers are doing all they can to keep germs away and customers coming back. Integrating a store intelligence platform into your retail team’s daily interactions can help.

Streamline Communication During Crisis Situations

A store intelligence solution with mobile functionality can help automate how you share store-specific emergency communication at the store level. For example, your company recently shipped special branded masks for your staff. Unfortunately, due to a mix-up at the corporate office, some stores failed to receive their masks. You can use online surveys to confirm which stores received the masks as well as provide detailed instructions.

Document New Equipment or Additions to Your Stores

Back in April, Chick-fil-A added handwashing stations to all its drive-through and mall/in-line curbside location so that employees can wash their hands quickly and more frequently while taking and passing orders to customers.

Is this something you’ve considered adding to your stores or QSRs? Whether adding handwashing stations or hand sanitizing stations throughout your stores, it’s important to plan and keep track of such changes. Which of your stores need them? How many stations will each store have once installation is completed?

With store intelligence technology, you can use profiling and task management capabilities to help make sure these new sanitizing or handwashing stations are installed in the right stores and in the correct areas within the stores. Once installation is finished, you’ll need to track all this new information and house it in a centralized location that can easily be shared with management, team members, vendors and/or stakeholders.

Creating Germ-Free Customer Experiences

Supermarkets, membership-based warehouse clubs, and big-box stores or superstores, may feature a pharmacy, customer service, deli and/or bakery section. How can you make sure your counters and high-touch surfaces are consistently cleaned and sanitized? Is there a way to enforce frequent employee handwashing?

Task management can ensure the right compliance activities are executed by the right associates, keeping team members accountable when it comes to following strict cleaning schedules. By using field audits and mobile capture tools, store managers can record, submit photos and share notes or updates with team members ensuring that COVID-19 safety protocols are being followed.

Stay tuned for part two for additional tips on keeping your customer and employee interactions safe.

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