How 2 Well-Known Retailers Solved Their Store Execution Challenges

How well-known retailers solved their store execution challenges

If you’re like most retailers, it isn’t hard to find information about your stores. There are probably a dozen reports in your inbox! The problem is whether you can trust it. How reliable is it? How old is it? And what happens when your spreadsheet contradicts the information gathered by another department? How confident are you with the methodology that was used? Add to that the changing conditions in your stores and varying store sizes, and it’s no wonder why decisions are based on best guesses. But there is a way for retailers to get ahead. Here’s how AccuStore® site profiling helps retailers find solutions to common store execution challenges:

1. Start with better store communication

A marketing executive at a large wireless retailer with 1,000 locations told us her biggest problem could be boiled down to poor internal and external communication. Since store success is dependent on open communication, the AccuStore team started with a thorough survey of all stores. They captured data such as window sizes, number of fixtures, architectural details, number of parking spots, etc., with measurements and photos, and created separate, site-specific profiles for each store. Armed with the AccuStore mobile app, teams could easily analyze the data for their strategic initiatives. And – since corporate, operations, marketing and the district managers were all using the same data – they all began to understand what each store needed to succeed. AccuStore made it easy to spot trends and eliminate the wasteful overspending that comes from not knowing. Having all the data in one place that was easily accessible, and easy to update by smartphone or tablet, unified the team. AccuStore acts as a centralized communications system to manage relationships and give you a competitive edge.

2. Know what’s in store and save money

With several sets of spreadsheets floating around, it was hard to tell what store had what assets. So one growing national discount chain asked AccuStore to helped them get an accurate count of its fixtures. They had to be able to trust the consistency and accuracy of the data in order to make important decisions. AccuStore’s professional site survey team went store to store using precise methodology to gain the detailed information they needed. The retailer received a complete set of data, consisting of each store’s unique attributes, inventory of assets, measurements and photos to validate.  Now they know exactly what they have as well as what condition it’s in. All of the data is housed on a secure online portal for easy access, where it can be shared with other teams, too. The retailer can complete its inventory planning and visual merchandising strategies with confidence. It also helps them reduce capital expenditure and track maintenance.

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