Tips for Managing Food Safety

Tips for Managing Food Safety - AccuStore

As we continue navigating the new normal, it’s challenging not to think about foodservice.  Foodservice has always been risky business. Between foodborne illness and sanitation issues and possible customer or employee injuries, foodservice creates liability for convenience retailers and QSRs.

With so much riding on the accuracy, consistency, and compliance of your foodservice program, why trust this vital information to the error-prone clipboard-and-pen audits? That’s not exactly the most efficient or reliable way to gather data. Plus, these old-school methods are extremely time-consuming.

Leverage Store Intelligence

A store intelligence app can make it easy to manage food safety compliance.

  • Audits ─ Give you the power to update, collaborate and interact with your stores from your mobile device. It takes about four minutes to conduct a food safety audit using a store intelligence app and allows you to gather accurate, important details such as food temperatures and more.
  • Questionnaires and Checklists ─ With your store intelligence mobile app, online or offline, you can quickly complete questionnaires and checklists to gain the insights you need to help safely manage your foodservice program.
  • Capture Photos ─ A capture tool lets you easily gather and share photos and notes about sanity conditions, dates, temperatures of your refrigeration or ovens with your teams.
  • Generate Reports ─ Turn data collected about your food safety concerns or checklist items into shareable status reports. Communication and consistency are the keys to achieving your safety goals.
  • Delegate Tasks ─ Create tasks to keep team members accountable for cleaning and sanitizing and to reinforce compliance and state mandates.
  • Track Progress ─ Turn store walk insights into store scorecards to help track progress and improve.
  • At a Glance ─ Get a dashboard view of key store-level insights and activity regarding the way each store is handling foodservice.

Enhance Customer Experience

A store intelligence program allows the retailer to strategically send accurate product inventory based on each store’s available merchandising capacity, local competition, and the store’s readiness to execute. Knowing which items at which stores are well stocked also helps with frictionless checkout and mobile ordering.

Understanding store-specific layouts allow food service providers the ability to better accommodate space distancing requirements between customer and the store’s food destinations. Store profiling and collecting the data via onsite surveys allows you to properly space plan your stores to service the customer while abiding by local safety ordinances.

Talk to one of our professionals today and learn how AccuStore audits, onsite surveys, profiles and more can help you with your stores’ foodservice program.