The Top 10 Ways Mobile Can Improve The Store Experience

The Top 10 Ways Mobile Can Improve The Store Experience

Chain Store Age listed five ways retailers can empower their associates with mobile devices to drive sales and create a better store experience. We wholeheartedly agree! Here are five more to add to their list and make it an even 10:

  1. Use real-time sharing of store observations and photos. Streamline issue resolution as soon as you spot problems with equipment, store graphics and more.
  2. Open up the lines of communication. Being on the road no longer means being out of the loop. Access everything you need at Corporate. Easily reach out to all of your contacts: vendors, other stores, associates and more.
  3. Engage team members. by alerting them to tasks that need to be performed.
  4. Simplify store visits. Use checklists to streamline the process. Add photos for verification. It also becomes easier to track which stores have been visited recently and which ones haven’t.
  5. Create quick surveys. Need answers fast? Shoot a survey out to all of your store managers’ devices.

Here’s the Chain Store Age article to view the other five: http://www.chainstoreage.com/article/five-ways-mobile-can-differentiate-store-experience

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