Take Better Care of Your Store Equipment & Save Money, Too

Take Better Care of Your Store Equipment & Save Money, Too - AccuStore

One of the most time-consuming tasks that retailers face is keeping track of all of their store-level assets. Yet when you think of what you have invested in your network – from security systems, POS systems, foodservice equipment and coolers to displays and more – can you really trust a spreadsheet of serial numbers or a file of paperwork to tell you what’s going on in each store? Consider how much is riding on the continual, smooth operation of your equipment. Then, factor in the cost of using your staff to do record keeping (instead of their regular job) or the potential costs of human error.

It’s time to automate your tracking. A good, full-service store intelligence system can help you tap into the information in your store profiles to drive smarter decision-making about your equipment. It can help you…

  • Simplify management of multiple types of systems, equipment and all store-level assets.
  • Be proactive about maintenance. Don’t wait for equipment failure to bring your store to a stop: Use the system to alert you when maintenance is due.
  • Quickly find items that have been recalled for safety or warranty issues.
  • Interact with your information in real time instead of waiting for a report.
  • Shoot out a quick mobile survey to get answers to any questions instantly.
  • Track warranties and regular service needs across your entire estate.
  • Ensure your records of inspections and maintenance are kept safe, accurate and always accessible for regulatory compliance and reporting.
  • Track the age of your equipment: Know when your inventory is aging out before it happens.
  • Link your management and purchasing functions together. Use the information to target your equipment buying plans to the specific needs of each store.
  • Keep your entire asset inventory together in one easy-to-monitor spot. Use it for fixed equipment as well as equipment that moves from one location to another.
  • Minimize down time and the costs associated with repairs. An app makes it simple for teams to report problems, submit work orders and get results quickly.

The AccuStore difference

Now that you see the benefits of automating, there is another choice to make. You can buy software that’s created just for managing your equipment and wonder if it will integrate with your other systems. Or you can use AccuStore, the complete store intelligence and asset management system. Our cloud-based platform and app allows you to track and maintain your equipment from just about anywhere – whether you’re in the field, working from home, or at the corporate office. Find the information you need anytime, 24/7. Get a top-level snapshot of your entire enterprise or drill down to the store level. AccuStore will improve your operational efficiency, lower your equipment ROI and allow you to make decisions about your assets with confidence. In fact, it will extend your total cost of ownership – the cost you incur over the lifetime of the system when you factor in the purchase price, operating costs and maintenance. The best part? It’s only one of the many features of the AccuStore store intelligence platform. Find out how it can help your stores from top to bottom line – from marketing and operations to facilities and more.