How Can I Keep My Stores Compliant During a Pandemic?

“How can I keep my stores complaint, and my employees and shoppers safe during a pandemic?” If you’re a retailer, you may be asking yourself similar questions. Why not consider deploying a store intelligence solution to help gain total visibility into your stores. With store intelligence technology you can effectively monitor new social distancing guidelines as well as manage OSHA compliance across your entire organization.

5 Ways Store Intelligence Technology Can Help

    1. If an incident occurs, you can use the mobile app to communicate incidents in real time, with images. The old-fashioned way would be to create reports and save them in folders in stores across the country. That can create confusion. Having one source of truth or shared data, information stays in one place so it’s easily accessible.
    2. A store intelligence solution allows you to define and share training updates on these new store policies helping your teams follow store capacity rules and frequent scheduled cleaning routines.
    3. Track which stores or employees are due for training or send new state mandates or guidance to specific stores to help them prepare by generating alerts in real time to your store teams.
    4. Protect your stores by creating a custom cleaning checklist for store audits to address site-specific concerns and set up a scoring system and analyze results. Don’t waste time with paper checklists and emails, use your store intelligence to assign and manage cleaning or inventory tasks to be performed and keep employees and team leaders accountable. 
    5. Easily configure surveys, forms and reports to capture the information you need. Want to make sure stores are using social distancing floor clings in each store? Shoot out a quick survey to the stores and receive an instant update.

Store intelligence software gives your teams anytime, anywhere access to new COVID-19 safety rules, checklists, information and updates from your mobile device or laptop.

To learn additional ways store intelligence can help keep your teams compliant, set up a demo or ask us about a free trial today.

How Store Intelligence Helps Grocery Stores

Implementing store intelligence technology enables grocery stores or supermarkets to cut costs, increase ROI, reach their sustainability goals and more. Read on to discover how this easy-to-deploy tool helps solve a variety of challenges.

Improves Marketing Efficiency and ROI
It all starts with an onsite store survey. A professional site survey teams visits every location to create comprehensive retail profiles. Profiles feature digital photos for each grocery location as well as store details such as the number of signs and store assets (freezers and ovens), dimensions, sizes of grocery store windows and more. Documenting and tracking the different assets and services available at each location empowers supermarket retailers, allowing them to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Helps Cut Remodeling Costs
Implementing a store intelligence platform helps reduce renovation costs and complexities. From layouts and floorplans to actual attributes, store-specific insights provide a clear picture and make it easier to understand and pinpoint exactly what updates are needed. For example, knowing the available square footage in the deli section of your stores makes it easier to order the right fixtures. Having access to every stores’ measurements and details, reduces materials and labor costs.

Simplifies Maintenance Management
A store profiling and intelligence solution lets supermarket retailers automate the way stores manage their maintenance programs. With accurate store profile info, grocery store retailers can eliminate the guesswork when deciding what equipment to replace or upgrade. Management can create alerts to prevent downtime and easily keep track of their warranties and maintenance records.

Keeps Your Stores Compliant
Store intelligence keeps grocers compliant and prevents ADA lawsuits and violations in a variety of ways. From task management that helps employees maintain important ADA-related signage to tracking potential issues, store intelligence software keeps everyone alert and on the same page. For example, if older stores fixtures are unable to accommodate new ADA signage, Corporate will be in the loop and have that vital information accessible.

Helps With Sustainability Efforts
Grocery retailers can also rely on store intelligence to help achieve their sustainability goals. By creating site profiles of every store, Marketing teams know exactly what signage is needed and therefore eliminates print waste. Retailers can also avoid unnecessary store checks, reduce fuel and use automated task management to remind team members to follow recycle programs.

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