Tips To Help With Your C-Store Skimming Prevention Program

According to Rippleshot’s State of Card Fraud 2018 report, a single compromised pump can capture data from roughly 30-100 cards per day. In a single investigation, the Secret Service discovered 59 skimmers at 85 locations in 21 states. As credit card fraud skimming continues to become problematic, retailers can fight back by creating a skimming prevention program for their customers. Why not use your store intelligence solution as a tool to help streamline your program?


Tips to Optimize Your Fraud Prevention Plan

Tap Into Tasks
The Secret Service recovers approximately 20 to 30 skimmers per week, with the average skimmer collecting information from about 80 cards by the time it’s recovered by authorities. If you’ve posted signage informing fuel customers of what to watch out for, use Tasks to prompt store-level employees to ensure signage is intact and current. When skimming occurs at gas stations, it often takes place at only one pump. Create hourly or daily tasks reminding your staff to check the fuel pumps for evidence of tampering.

Save Time With Audits
Have your store employees create and run Audits as a smart addition to your gas stations’ fraud, skimming and security prevention program. Audits provide your teams with a foolproof method to address issues without resulting in hours of follow-up work. Audits allow your employees to spend less time reporting possible skimming or credit card security issues and more time resolving them.


Capture and Share 
Employees can use the time-saving Site Captures feature to easily report compromised fuel pumps to their teams. Instead of sending mass emails, employees can take photos with their cell phones and submit observations and notes regarding tampered machines. For skimming prevention programs featuring signage, employees can use Captures to verify placement of proper signage near fueling areas.

Today’s leading retailers rely on AccuStore to help streamline communication, accelerate growth and reduce marketing costs. Contact us for additional tips on how AccuStore can help you streamline your skimming prevention program and more.