Store Surveys 101: Part 1

Store Surveys 101: Part 1 - AccuStore

Building an Accurate Database With Store Surveys

Keeping your stores’ information current is the key to building an accurate database your employees can rely on and a smart way to stay competitive. Accurate equipment details helps you reduce capital expenditure, minimize indirect spend, and track and improve maintenance scheduling. An on-site survey of your stores also helps facilitate compliance and safety audits that protect your stores and your brand.

Gathering all that information seems challenging, right? Well, it doesn’t have to. An on-site store survey is a good place to start collecting the data needed about each location.

How do store surveys work? Let’s break it down.

  1. Each Store Is Unique

    You have 1,000 retail stores. Every location’s square footage, architecture, layout, fixtures, number of terminals, equipment, type of POS hardware, and even cabling differ from store to store. This data will all be documented during each survey.

  2. Store Surveys Should Be Customized

    Before you begin, expert surveyors will meet with company stakeholders to determine your business needs and refine all survey terminology. Keep in mind, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, a footwear or shoe store and mobile or cell phone retailer have different fixtures and display features. With that in mind, your survey questions can and should be customized to align with your stores.  

  3. Details Must Be Documented

    Everything within each store is counted and an inspection documenting the condition of each item will be done to help you know what should or shouldn’t be replaced or repaired. An experienced professional surveyor who fully understands the retail industry will note every detail.

  4. Store Surveys Become Sharable Data

    Using their expert methodology, the professional survey team will take photos while conducting surveys to ensure complete visibility. Once the survey is completed, you and your teams have access to an organized, sharable set of accurate site intelligence. This store data can be used by all departments to make more informed decisions and improve execution.

Still wondering how to begin building your accurate database with store surveys. Unsure whether it’s worth the investment? Curious as to what potential challenges and costs are involved? Check back soon for part two of this three-part blog series and gain vital insight on everything you need to know about the survey process.

To remain competitive in today’s market, a comprehensive site survey is imperative to understanding each location of your store. Get started or schedule your free demo today.