Store-Specific Marketing Guides

Improve compliance and eliminate confusion by giving each store precisely the information it needs to execute promotions.

Another great feature of AccuStore is our ability to create site-specific guides to communicate marketing and operational information. With everything they need in one easy-to-follow guide, all confusion is eliminated for store managers. You can even include vendor-supplied collateral so managers know exactly what to plan for and what to expect with each new promotion. These detailed, easy-to-follow guides can greatly improve store-level execution of your marketing strategy.

This multi-purpose, store-level execution tool can also improve sign placement compliance. We make it easy to get the store set up exactly as your team wants – with pictures. Use renders to show your stores exactly what you mean in your store-specific promotional summary. AccuStore automatically renders a digital image of each promotional sign in the exact location it should be placed in store. It’s that easy to create a store-specific blueprint for executing your in-store strategy.

Arm your stores with precisely the information they need – and nothing more. You’ll see how quickly you can increase the accuracy of your marketing efforts, and expedite execution.