Store-Specific Distribution

Leverage your store profile information to ensure 100% accurate visual marketing kits every time.

AccuStore helps you manage all aspects of your print campaigns, from production to inventory management, so you can maximize the return on in-store marketing efforts. We know that each store is unique, and with so many to keep track of, retailers often guess at print quantities. AccuStore utilizes technology to house the data and measurements of each store – from floor to ceiling and everything in-between This eliminates guessing. Your accurate store profiles provide the exact distribution information you need for each print order. So you reduce unnecessary overage, save money and save time researching what you need. You can also be confident that your stores have the materials they need.

Store-specific Inventory

Keep track of all the items in your inventory in a store-specific catalog in the Store Portal. Include only the items allowed to be on display at that location to help the stores. Our online asset manager enables anyone from corporate to store personnel to quickly order and manage their signage, fixtures and displays in an easy-to-use, graphical catalog interface.