Store Scorecards

Help all of your stores create best-in-class shopper experiences.

Let AccuStore help you meet your strategic objectives by automating the process of distributing and compiling store scorecards. With AccuStore, you can create surveys that generate store-specific scores using your custom-defined scoring criteria. Analyze the score summary report to assess each individual stores’ performance and to determine where adjustments need to be made.

Create, view and analyze how your staff is focusing on the key performance indicators that you set up, such as…

Check Customer Service: Measure employee performance and store conditions

Check Marketing: Ensure materials reach the stores and are executed correctly

Check Promotions: Check if stores are signed according to your planogram
Check Product Launches: Note if store is set and associates are aware

Check Compliance Audits: Quickly check on loss prevention and store safety

Features and benefits:

It clarifies your vision

It clarifies your vision

A once-subjective goal of, say, “a better store experience” is now clearly linked to a deliverable.
It promotes two-way communication

It promotes two-way communication

You encourage store dialog and team feedback on goals.
You plan and identify targets

You plan and identify targets

Breaking down your goal into smaller steps can help your team see the path and make it more attainable.
You can always count on the AccuStore advantage to help you consistently deliver a seamless in-store experience.