Store Analytics and Reporting

Easily access store-level information anytime, with reporting the way you want it.

In the past, retailers used phone calls, mass e-mails and spreadsheets to collect information from the field. Compiling all of this took time, resources and focus away from the customer, and analyzing the data from a variety of formats was complicated. We believe it’s not the amount of data you digest that counts, but how easily you can get to it and use it to make better decisions.

AccuStore improves communication, accuracy and execution by aligning how you collect data. Our mobile app also extends the range of your capabilities. It means your team is always within reach, so you can send updates and they can provide info while they’re in the store. You can also share insights with other team members and even vendors while you’re on the go.

The Site IQ feature is like the extra pair of eyes you need to view your entire enterprise. Simple, color-coded pushpins make it clear how often a specific store location has been visited. You can also create field team goals that can be tracked, easily communicated and measured.

View all relevant store info on a real-time KPI dashboard called The Store Hub. No more hunting for what you need to be productive – it’s all organized by store and always up to date. See pending tasks, the competitive environment, photos and insights from your field team in real time. It’s the information you need at a glance to make fast decisions and improve the store experience.

AccuStore provides multiple dynamic searches so you can slice and dice your data the way you want. Our data mashup report allows you to create reports by store type, store assets and/or sign types. Query all dynamic or static fields throughout the entire database. Or run a report to see any or all images associated with a store. Save and run these reports any time, even on the go. Ask us about creating custom reports, too.

How AccuStore keeps you informed…

  • Transparency: everyone sees – and works from – the same data
  • Work anywhere: Access AccuStore from your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Real-time information: AccuStore gives you real-time access to your stores. You can even receive notifications so you can resolve issues immediately.