Retail Marketing

Retail Marketing Manage all aspects of your in-store marketing campaigns, from production planning to store support, with AccuStore. Maximize the value of your store profile data to determine the precise in-store marketing needs for each store. Reducing costs, optimizing process efficiencies:
  • Make planning in-store marketing programs easier
  • Increase your speed to market
  • Free up valuable marketing and visual merchandising resources to focus on your brand instead of spreadsheets
  • Automate the creation of store distribution lists
  • Improve brand compliance
  • Fine-tune a hyper-localization strategy
  • Discover store trends
  • And more!
If you’re looking to combine the benefits of AccuStore with full-service design and print production, contact our parent company GSP, an award-winning retail services company.

AccuStore client lowers marketing costs by one third

After implementing AccuStore, this retail chain’s marketing team used the data to create store-specific marketing kits. The result: A 33% reduction in print spending – and more accurate signage that reflected the specific merchandise offerings in each store.