Reevaluating and Reconfiguring Stores? These Retail Solutions Can Help

Reevaluating and Reconfiguring Stores? These Retail Solutions Can Help - AccuStore

During these challenging times, retailers with an abundance of physical stores are making difficult decisions. As you carefully reevaluate your future strategy, you may have to shutter some of your stores, reconfigure existing stores or convert some locations into fulfillment centers.

Your stores are constantly changing. For example, retailers such as Shake Shack, Chipotle and Wawa are adding and exploring drive-thru options. Keeping track of all structural and property updates is key. A site survey of your different locations empowers you to track and document those details.

Whether closing stores, consolidating or shifting location plans, performing a survey of your stores’ fixtures and equipment or working with a store intelligence solution can be beneficial.

  • Reallocate Inventory – What are your store-level capacities and limitations? Store intelligence can provide you with the insights needed to move products from stores you wish to close to stores that are open.
  • Recruit and Educate Employees – Looking to transfer or retrain employees from stores you may have closed to stores that are open? Use task management capabilities to instruct and monitor relevant activities to help introduce and acclimate these employees with their new store responsibilities and expectations.
  • Enhance Communications – Need to relay store related changes? A store intelligence tool lets you easily communicate operating hours and capacity limits to other customer-facing applications like loyalty apps.
  • Plan Marketing Strategies – Want to adjust your future marketing strategies at the store level? Use store profiles to help drive store-specific communication and special offers as well as deliver flawless execution.

Integrating a store intelligence solution into your organization allows you to reduce marketing spend, grow your business, manage brand compliance, and deliver flawless execution. Talk to one of our AccuStore representatives to learn more.