Reduce Expenses

Reduce expenses without sacrificing service. AccuStore eliminates unnecessary spending with an accurate profile of every store.

73% of retailers believe accurate site profiles drive savings. Source: Retail Store Execution Survey 2013
Stop guessing and eliminate wasteful overages. When your retail organization has an accurate profile of your stores, you can eliminate guesswork in determining store needs and ensure that you only purchase the exact equipment, fixtures and marketing materials that your stores need. Having a clear picture of your stores allows you to support them with exactly what they need the first time. We find that retailers often invest extra time, resources and manpower (money!) when they don’t have accurate store profiles with updated data from the field. AccuStore provides real-time, accurate, site-specific information so you can support your stores efficiently and stay within your forecasted budget. When your retail organization can reduce unnecessary expenses, you can focus on improvements that will result in sales growth.

Source: 1Retail Store Execution Survey 2013