June 2017 VOLUME 3 ISSUE 1
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Beat Amazon at Its Own Game

At the heart of Amazon’s operation is technology that allows the retail leader to meet its consumers’ ever changing needs. They’ve learned to rely on data to better understand demographics and socioeconomic factors.... READ MORE
How to Save Money on Store Décor Rollouts

New retail store concepts are being built on a “lean and mean” model, with a trend towards smaller size formats. This is great for adapting to more urban environments where millennials live and shop.... READ MORE
7 Ways Technology Will Simplify Your Store Execution

Your brand strategy is only as good as its execution in store. And this is where even the best retailers struggle. When you want a timely, consistent rollout and communication is... READ MORE
How to Lower Marketing Costs with Store Intelligence Software

Are your internal processes restricting collaboration? Is slow response time undermining your marketing strategy? With the introduction of new marketing channels... READ MORE
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Lowe’s adds augmented reality for in-store wayfinding

Posted on 13 Apr 2017

Target Seriously Upgrades Its IoT Retail Presence

Posted on 28 Feb 2017

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Crocs™ Deploys AccuStore® to Improve Store Intelligence
AccuStore® Consolidates Survey Data Reporting in New Release
U.S. Cellular Named Store Operations Superstar For Implementing AccuStore®
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