AccuStore Conducts 1,400 Onsite Surveys for Discount Retailer

Clearwater, FL, March 4, 2015 – AccuStore, a GSP company and leading provider of site profiling technology and services, today announced that their survey team recently started professional on-site surveys at approximately 1,400 locations for one of the nation’s top discount apparel and home fashion chains.

The retailer selected AccuStore to capture reliable store data required to improve in-store capacity planning. The AccuStore survey team first completed a business needs analysis and determined use cases with company stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of how the data would be used, in the short and long term. The team also completed onsite walk-throughs to refine survey terminology, measurement details and specific data points upfront.  Finally, the team conducted accuracy tests and delivered sample data to validate that deliverables would meet the client’s needs.

Once the profile was finalized, the surveyors began the survey data collection utilizing AccuStore’s mobile technology platform to gather and transmit store information in real time, and to communicate questions and updates quickly. The survey team will be providing fixture count and measurement services to help the discount apparel and home fashion retailer build and maintain a reliable capacity model.

“We’re excited that this large retailer chose AccuStore for their survey needs, and looking forward to delivering a really useful set of data, on time and on budget, to help improve in-store execution,” said Nancy Carter, AccuStore’s Product Manager. “Our proven survey methodology, retail expertise and organized approach enable us to execute, time and time again, a seamless on-site survey. This highly accurate, detailed site intelligence will provide the visibility our client requires to truly know their stores. And the data can be shared throughout the retail organization, and used long-term, to improve efficiency and ROI.”

ABOUT AccuStore
AccuStore helps multi-unit, consumer-facing businesses reduce spend and accelerate their growth through customized site profiling capabilities and an enhanced store profile technology that allows retailers to build and maintain a central repository of site-level details accessible throughout the organization. AccuStore’s technology features a built-in survey tool and a full screen web interface that is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform to monitor and maintain site-specific data. The mobile app enables managers to turn their strategic plans into store-level results on the go. To find out more, please visit www.accustore.com or email info@accustore.com.
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