AccuStore® Releases New Time-Saving Application Updates

Clearwater, Fla., Oct. 21, 2020 – AccuStore®, a GSP Company, today announced the latest updates to a variety of its features were officially released on Oct. 1 at 10 p.m. EDT.

“AccuStore continues to update our mobile and web app to create an even better experience for our customers,” said AccuStore Product Manager Autumn Welch. “As we learn more about what our retailer partners need to help simplify their in-store marketing promotions and campaigns, we adjust our AccuStore features to align with their expectations,” adds Autumn.

Enhancements are as follows:

POPManager 3.65
Feature: Inventory Percentage
Allows AccuStore Account Manager (AM) to enter a percentage for inventory rather than quantity, saving time and improving accuracy from manual calculation based on expanded GTR totals.

  • Configuration default may be set for customer percentage
  • Inventory Percentage is displayed and editable on sign details to inventory and sign list
  • If percentage is entered, Inventory Qty. field will be disabled and expand will calculate the quantity instead
  • One inventory part number per facility is created with percentage per facility

Reporting 3.04
Feature: Store Promotion Summary with Comments Report #4 – Keep Ups
Time-saving improvements for customer and AM to generate and utilize Promo summary report from PromoManager™.

  • Quantity separated from sign type name is now more easily read by stores setting promotions
  • Keep Up promotions now sorted first after initial sort selection (Area or Category) followed by new signs in the print kit, saving stores time instead of searching for Keep Ups throughout report
  • Keep Up items display sign type and quantity based on calculated GTR data within print campaign

Feature: Eliminated Distributions Report #159
Displays quantity for space holders eliminated from distributions to improve accuracy allowing an AM to view keep up promotions.

Feature: Shipping Accuracy Report #334
Updated to remove split production facility orders and calculated reshipments against the overall monthly order for sign and store totals

Expand on Demand 1.13
Feature: Inventory Percentage
Expand automatically calculates inventory percentage entered per inventory item based on total quantity of that item shipping to stores for a single facility, saving AMs time and improving accuracy from manual calculation based on expanded GTR totals.

Feature: Promo Manager Keep Ups Mapped to POPManager
Expand writes Keep Up signs to GTR data as Keep Up, eliminating them from distribution but calculating quantity based on profile data to display on Promo Summary report published from PromoManager.

Customers with technical questions about any of the above enhancements are encouraged to contact their Account Manager or AccuStore Support at support@accustore.com.

About AccuStore
AccuStore is the result of more than 40 years of helping retailers gain store-level intelligence to enhance operations, marketing, facilities management, loss prevention and human resources. Its enhanced store profiling technology makes it easy for consumer-facing businesses to access real-time information about every site. AccuStore customizes a database of site-level details and stores it securely on a cloud-based platform with a web interface and mobile app for 24/7 access. The mobile app enables managers to turn their strategic plans into store-level results on the go. A GSP Company, AccuStore is based in Clearwater, Fla. To find out more, visit accustore.com.