AccuStore® Heads to Retail’s BIG Show

Clearwater, FL, January 13, 2017 – AccuStore®, the store intelligence and professional survey provider, will be showcasing its award-winning software and app at booth 239 at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) BIG Show in New York, January 15-17.

“Retailers go to the BIG Show looking for big ideas,” said Alec Veinger, AccuStore VP. “What they’re really looking for is a way to know their stores better. AccuStore offers real-time store intelligence through professional surveys, mobile data captures and cloud-based store profile management,” he added.

AccuStore’s tools empower your teams to improve store efficiency. Professional site surveys yield an accurate set of information about every store, from site measurements to equipment and architectural details. “It’s much more effective and reliable than Excel spreadsheets,” said Veinger.

The cloud-based store intelligence platform lets retailers see their stores in real time. By leveraging the data in site profiles, retailers gain the insight needed to react quickly, monitor compliance and even tailor campaigns to different markets. The app provides anytime accessibility, along with mobile data captures for a faster and more efficient way to conduct store walks.

“With AccuStore, data drives your decisions,” Veinger continued. “So you can eliminate wasteful overage, reduce marketing costs, streamline store execution – and spend your time spotting store trends and maximizing sales lift instead.”

“We look forward to demonstrating how AccuStore can help reduce indirect spending and improve store performance,” Veinger said. Retailers are encouraged to stop by booth 239 for a demo or to arrange for a complimentary in-store audit to see AccuStore in action. AccuStore is also proud to be featured on The New Retail Customer Journey EXPO tour. Sign up here to experience the BIG Show in a new way.

ABOUT AccuStore
AccuStore is the result of over 35 years of helping retailers gain store-level intelligence to enhance operations, marketing, facilities management and human resources. Its enhanced store profiling technology makes it easy for consumer-facing businesses to access real-time information about every site. AccuStore customizes a database of site-level details and stores it securely on a cloud-based platform with a web interface and mobile app for 24/7 access. The mobile app enables managers to turn their strategic plans into store-level results on the go. A GSP Company, AccuStore is based in Clearwater, Florida. To find out more, please visit www.accustore.com.

Contact: Marketing – AccuStore (Email: info@accustore.com, Voice: 727-532-0647)