AccuStore® Consolidates Survey Data Reporting in New Release

Clearwater, FL, April 18, 2017 – AccuStore, a leading provider of store intelligence for retailers, announces its latest software and app update. The new version simplifies the survey reporting experience and features the ability to produce new, consolidated reports with images and data together.

“The new survey reporting functionality is more convenient and easy to use than ever,” said Brandon Lederer, AccuStore Product Manager. “Now, store survey reports include all survey data – the questions, the answers, uploaded images and metrics. Just click on the report icon and the respondent summary report is automatically emailed to the survey originator. The information can also be downloaded into a PDF or Excel format to graph trends,” he added.

“Our retail customers increasingly want to use photos to document store conditions and improvements. It’s especially popular to include them in survey responses. This allows the marketing and operations teams to get a quick read of what’s going on and achieve better store visibility. Our update makes it even easier to stay on top of rollouts, store cleanliness and other compliance needs,” he noted.

The following merchandise categories will find this feature beneficial: Apparel, Automotive, Foodservice, Grocery, Health/Pharmacy, Home, Sports and more.

ABOUT AccuStore

AccuStore is the result of over 35 years of helping retailers gain store-level intelligence to enhance operations, marketing, facilities management and human resources. Its enhanced store profiling technology makes it easy for consumer-facing businesses to access real-time information about every site. AccuStore customizes a database of site-level details and stores it securely on a cloud-based platform with a web interface and mobile app for 24/7 access. A GSP Company, AccuStore is based in Clearwater, Florida. To find out more, please visit www.accustore.com.

Contact: Marketing – AccuStore (Email: info@accustore.com, Voice: 727-532-0647)