AccuStore Adds Second Layer of Owner Rules

Clearwater, Fla., March 1, 2019 – AccuStore®, the No. 1 store profiling technology, has made a new update to its store intelligence platform.

Effective this week, AccuStore users with the appropriate permissions can now add a second layer of “owner rules” to new and existing dynamic fields - this includes Store Details, Items and Signs. This second layer of rules allows specific users the ability to add one subset of rules and a secondary set of rules depending on the field type,” said AccuStore Product Manager, Brandon Lederer.

“With this new enhancement, administrators can now create dynamic fields that allow for multiple rules within a single user group. For example, the operations user group can make changes to a specific field, but also receive notifications when changes are made. Streamlining our owner rules process will result in faster setup and ease of editing and creating new dynamic fields,” added Brandon.

The new rules structure lets users easily check all boxes to Change, Approve, Notify and Restrict View. Once selected, admins can add a single User Group (via the drop down) to access each permission.

These New Rules Also Include:

  • Approval and Notify options are now mutually exclusive - meaning only one can be selected. 
  • Restrict View will remain the same, however the User Group can be selected in the drop down.
  • View Restricted to Owners Only will change to Restrict View
  • Allow changes to Owners Only will change to Allow Changes

Customers with questions about this enhancement can contact their account manager or support@accustore.com.

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