More Retail Mishaps and Missed Opportunities

More Retail Mishaps and Missed Opportunities - AccuStore

Don’t Let DIY Data Collecting and Negative Reviews Ruin Your Retail Game

In our last article, we talk about retail challenges such as remodeling or redesigning stores as well as ordering signage without the correct store-level data. Now let’s take a look at what can happen with DIY data collection and negative customer experiences.  

Errors Due to Unprofessional DIY Surveys

To keep costs down, your chain store has decided to perform their own site surveys. Problem is, taking on projects that may seem simple can create more work resulting in costly errors in the end.

For example, you task each senior store manager to measure, collect and record site-specific details about their stores. Turns out, your Orlando manager is a perfectionist with a penchant for precision while your Miami manager is rounding up measurements. Sure, he means well, it’s just that he’s qualified to run your store, not gather data points.

Trusting professional retail surveyors eliminates the risk of making mistakes and wasting time having to start over or reevaluate your store locations.

Preventing Negative Online Reviews of Certain Stores

A common conundrum for retailers is discovering negative reviews via Google, Yelp or Facebook. Comments and complaints about long checkout lines, inconsistent labeling, and confusing product placements are preventable. As we know, frustrated shoppers are more apt to post reviews than happy shoppers.

Thorntons convenience stores were challenged with freeing up its store associates so they could assist customers rather than with deal the hassles of receiving incorrect size signage for a POP campaign. Focusing on creating top-notch customer experiences is a priority for the retailer, not tying up staff with updating and circulating spreadsheets.

Implementing a site intelligence platform and POP management technology, as well as performing surveys at all stores allowed Thorntons, to relieve associates to enhance the overall customer experience.

Key Takeaway: Accurate Data Leads to Winning Retail Strategies

Regardless of the above negatives, don’t fret. This is all preventable. Just keep these key takeaways in mind:

  • Use: Professional retail surveyors who are trained to efficiently cull accurate store-level details and eliminate the risk of error.
  • Avoid: Spreadsheets, email attachments and distributed files for your system of record.
  • Learn: How to Gain Critical Insights with Onsite Surveys in this free guide.

Download our helpful infographic to better understand the importance of collecting consistent and current data specific to your various store locations.

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