Lower Spend on Your Store Fixtures

Lower Spend on Your Store Fixtures - AccuStore

What’s the first thing a customer notices in your store? The environment, especially your fixtures and displays. Do they make your store look modern and inviting? Do they set the mood for an easy and enjoyable shopping experience? Research tells us that up to 70% of customers make their purchase decision on the spot. No wonder stores place so much emphasis on enhancing merchandise presentations with updated mannequins and fixtures. But are you as strategic with your placement as you are with your marketing research?

Store intelligence software lets you base fixture decisions on data. Rather than a costly one-size-fits-all approach, you’ll be able to target your spend down to the individual store level, the specific merchandise it carries or how it performs. You’ll be able to customize the look of each store and waste less – a win-win!

The benefits of using store intelligence

  • Understand what you have.
  • Know what’s different about each store.
  • Keep an online inventory of each store’s fixtures – with photos to identify each type.
  • Quickly see specs and quantities.
  • Stop overspending: Pay for only what you need.
  • Collaborate and share information easily, between stores, field teams and departments at Corporate.
  • Streamline the purchasing process: Quickly access store needs.
  • Eliminate the need for costly surveyors every time you want information.
  • Reduce distractions for store associates.
  • Target your merchandise and marketing plans to each store, too.

How AccuStore helps you become more effective

AccuStore® web-based store intelligence software can provide you with a powerful tool to simplify the job. It helps you build an accurate profile of each store’s unique information as well as an online inventory. This gives your team the ability to see inside each of your stores. You’ll be able to tell at a glance what you have and what you need. No more guessing what to order or if your newly acquired stores have the same fixtures as your legacy doors. Whether you’ve been relying on old spreadsheets or sending field teams to query every store, you’ll no longer waste money and time not knowing. By using the information in each store’s data profile, you’ll be able to order only the fixtures you need. AccuStore is a real-time knowledge base that will revolutionize your store merchandising efforts. You’ll actually be able to lower spend by eliminating waste.

The AccuStore mobile app allows for even greater access to your store needs, any time you need it. It also eases communication with the store, especially when it comes to execution. Simply send a photo of how your fixture or display should look and ask your install team to send a photo back when done. You gain control over compliance and there’s no confusion at the store. You’ll maximize your ROI because you’re accommodating site specifics, lowering spend and delivering a unified shopping experience to the customer. From marketing to merchandising to store operations, AccuStore will give your entire team a blueprint to manage, execute and monitor more efficient rollouts. Learn more about how AccuStore can help you get store-specific with your distribution.