Why You Should Ditch Spreadsheets for AccuStore

Boost Productivity With Universal Data Access

If you're like most retailers, gaining valuable insights from store visits is a tedious exercise. You use spreadsheets to organize data and request updates, entering comments and data into tiny, unregulated cells. This process creates ample opportunity for errors – and the passing of time - to eat away at your data and inhibit effective decision-making.

Put simply, spreadsheets are a poor way to manage data and improve your stores. They're yesterday's technology.

AccuStore's store profile management platform delivers a faster, more precise alternative to spreadsheets, so you can drastically reduce time-to-action between site visits and store-level execution.

Here's how we render your store data spreadsheets obsolete:

  • Accuracy: Avoid confusion about which data corresponds to which store, and how old it is. Online site profiles automatically display the latest metrics, photos, and data based on store locations, with readily-available version and history information, making it virtually impossible to mistake an old, outdated dataset with the most recent. And with no need for manual entry after site visits, your data is less exposed to human error.
  • Speed: It can take days for your field teams to finish store visits, key in the data, and send their individual spreadsheets to management. By the time these "insights" are manually compiled (an additional time-consuming opportunity for error) and hit your inbox, the situation on the ground could be much different. That's why AccuStore's tools provide real-time data delivery – so you can address problems right now instead of days after the fact.
  • Context: Spreadsheets frequently strip data of context, so you're left guessing about issues like where a compliance issue occurred or if it was a problem in the past. Our technology automatically syncs all store visit notes, images, and performance metrics with your store profile database, allowing you to easily identify performance trends, in either direction.

A decade ago, distributing a store data request spreadsheet via email was a huge improvement over soliciting paper-based store visit reports by ‘snail mail'. They helped decision-makers access store information more quickly and gave early adopters a competitive edge.

But in the tech world, a decade is a long time. Nowadays, retailers with real-time data access are improving customer experiences faster and more consistently than their spreadsheet-dependent peers. While most store operators spend entire afternoons poking through files, re-validating spreadsheets, and questioning themselves, today's early adopters have already solved the problems uncovered by the most recent store visit.

If you're ready to ditch spreadsheets for managing store data, and make lasting improvements at your stores, contact AccuStore today. We'll show you how store profile management technology will transform how you evaluate and evolve your retail performance.