Track Store Metrics in Real Time

Smarter Merchandising Management

Store-level key performance indicators (KPIs) give you the inside scoop on compliance across your chain. AccuStore makes it easy to view these metrics at a glance, so you can identify what’s working (or not working) and solve problems immediately.

Monitoring store performance is tough. Even if you track a standard set of KPIs, it’s a lot of work to stay current. Not only are you combing through spreadsheets in pursuit of relevant updates, but you’re also emailing district managers, calling field teams, and searching for files on shared drives.

In the meantime, you don’t know whether your stores are compliant – and that’s a big problem.

AccuStore removes the barriers between you and the information you need. We give you a bird’s-eye view of everything that’s happening in your stores, so you can quickly address the questions that require your attention:

  • How well are teams executing? Instead of wondering whether teams are executing effectively, just log in to AccuStore. Our Site IQ tools let you see exactly how well those teams are performing – in real time.
  • What did district managers learn during store visits? District managers will document store visits in AccuStore using your pre-selected metrics. Photos of existing conditions will tell you everything you need to know about compliance.
  • Are teams engaged with your stores and each other? From merchandising to marketing to operations and beyond, everyone should be using the same store data. AccuStore shows you which teams are collaborating effectively so you can identify ways to close the communication gap among business units.

All of this data is available on any device, so you can view store metrics whether you’re in the office, visiting stores, or anywhere in between. Our technology puts every insight at your fingertips, so your decision-making process isn’t contingent upon being in a specific place where you can access a specific file.

Contact us today to make store metric monitoring easier, more transparent, and more valuable to you and the people who operate your stores. Given the strong correlation between positive customer experiences and successful stores, improving the visibility of KPIs is a no-brainer!

You’ve got the knowledge and the drive – you just need the right tools. AccuStore’s got you covered.